Fall River Elementary

serves students in Kindergarten through sixth grades. The school is located in eastern Shasta County in the town of Fall River Mills. The original school was built in 1932. The current library, multi-use room-cafeteria and some classrooms were built in 1951. Additional  portables were brought in during 1966 with remodeling work in 1987 and 2008.


  • Fall River Elementary is a welcoming and safe community of learners and educators dedicated to excellence in which the dignity and diversity of all is respected.


The staff at Fall River Elementary is dedicated to reaching our vision. In order for all students to realize their full potential we must:

  • Encourage greater parent and community participation.
  • Increase the use of technology and participate in a broad-based curriculum.
  • Develop students of strong character.
  • Increase achievement of all students.

In taking these steps we will greatly improve our students’ educational opportunities, by providing them with the opportunity to experience the joy of learning.